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Announcing: Our Training Program

The Part Works, like so many, have watched several company legends retire over the past ten-plus years. People with multiple decades in plumbing, some with multiple decades at The Part Works. In response, we have taken intentional steps to bolster our knowledge base.

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Sloan Connected Restrooms

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made its way to the modern commercial restroom. Sloan is at the forefront of this revolution with advanced, IoT-capable technology gathering real-time information that helps facilities better manage their resources.

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What type of Vandalism should you prepare for?

“how awful will this bathroom be?” It’s an important question to ask yourself as a customer. If this restroom is clean and functional, chances are you’ll make a point to stop here in the future. And maybe while you’re here you’ll buy a pack of gum and a gallon or 2 of gas, almost as a thank you to the station for taking such good care of the facility. This is called customer loyalty.

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Sloan Valve Company is “Made in America” with a Vision for the Future

As an American company, Sloan is proud to provide restroom solutions with products made right here in the USA. Sustainable, smart, and stylish, our product are designed with a vision towards the future.

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