Who We Are

Meet our Inside Technical Specialists

Our team of inside technical specialists are uniquely important in creating those positive experiences, so we want to tell you a little bit more about who these wonderful people are.

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About Our Website: PartPro

Through your PartPro membership login: • View preferred pricing on items • Track quotes, orders and shipment tracking • Access your custom digital stockroom list.

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The University of Washington

Many times, we have helped to bridge the competing priorities of the budget-oriented procurement teams, with the building up-time oriented maintenance teams. Saving money is important for budget conscious facilities and we help our customers gain visibility into the full cost of repairs: for every $100 in maintenance materials cost, the average project requires between $235-$1,000 in labor. “By relying on The Part Works expertise, our customers save the cost of excessive wasted time researching hard to find parts, misidentifying parts, ordering (and returning) incorrect products, re-work due to poor quality off-brand replacements, long delivery delays, and other sourcing inefficiencies.”

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Celebrating Our Veterans

Veterans Day holds a special place for me, it’s a time to thank those who do the often-thankless job of defending our values, our ideals, and our families. It’s a day to celebrate the people who willingly put on the uniform, putting themselves in danger, committing to get their hands dirty in order to protect and serve.

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Meet Our Sales Team

Last year, as we approached our 40th Anniversary, we detailed the account of who we are, and where we came from as a company. This year as we continue to celebrate that anniversary, we sat down with some of our amazing staff members to learn more about them, and who THEY are as individuals. Who do you think has the best plumbing joke?

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Keeping Facilities Running Since 1980

Over the past 40 years, we’ve worked alongside partners in maintenance and procurement to keep their facilities running smoothly. Now, with leading-edge technology, we’re able to offer additional tools and resources to help you save money and minimize downtime. Read our blog about innovation and growth here at The Part Works for the full story.

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