Facility Specifications

When facilities are planned, a tremendous amount of effort goes into designing the look, the feel, and the functionality of the space. There are the under the hood questions, such as “what sort of plumbing and electrical systems does this building need, over the potential 50+ year lifespan of the facility? How many people will use each space, and how many restrooms will be required? How high will we need to pump the water, in order to maintain pressure in upper floors? There are also the customer facing decisions, such as what type of flush valves, faucets, and partitions would best serve this specific audience? The answers to all of these questions become the standard building specifications.

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Procurement Guide to Ordering Plumbing Parts

We know that when you’re procuring supplies for your facility’s specific plumbing or maintenance needs, it’s about more than just finding the right part. Our customers rely on The Part Works for our short lead time, quick delivery, competitive pricing, and trusted sales team. Below we’ve shared best practices and insight from our procurement customers across the Northwest to help you save money and time.

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