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The Part Works & Chicago Faucets

After 42 years together, providing Chicago Faucets to the Pacific Northwest, The Part Works and Chicago Faucets are still aligned and working together to meet customers’ needs for commercial quality products. Today, Chicago Faucets continues to provide innovative products to every commercial facility specification.

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Announcing: Our Training Program

The Part Works, like so many, have watched several company legends retire over the past ten-plus years. People with multiple decades in plumbing, some with multiple decades at The Part Works. In response, we have taken intentional steps to bolster our knowledge base.

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Meet Our Portland Team!

We are now open in Portland and cannot wait to introduce our team! We have put together a short profile on our amazing Portland crew members Mike Davenport, Paige Casey, and Mike Meyer.

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What type of Vandalism should you prepare for?

“how awful will this bathroom be?” It’s an important question to ask yourself as a customer. If this restroom is clean and functional, chances are you’ll make a point to stop here in the future. And maybe while you’re here you’ll buy a pack of gum and a gallon or 2 of gas, almost as a thank you to the station for taking such good care of the facility. This is called customer loyalty.

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Welcome to The Part Works, we are here to help you find the right plumbing parts for your facility. Here on our website, you will find tools crafted to streamline that process.

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Food Service Re-Opening

It’s not just flow rates: 4 other ways to promote sustainability and cleanliness in commercial restrooms and kitchens

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Kohler Commercial

The story gets interesting around 2012, when a surprise visitor showed up at our will call counter.

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Critical Maintenance Checklists

Every facility manager knows which systems are critical and must be operational at all times. Many facilities have established preventative maintenance schedules to keep critical systems running and plan for upcoming repairs and maintenance. But changing the basic operations of a building changes all of those plans. What happens if the building has been closed for an extended period?

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Celebrating Our Veterans

Veterans Day holds a special place for me, it’s a time to thank those who do the often-thankless job of defending our values, our ideals, and our families. It’s a day to celebrate the people who willingly put on the uniform, putting themselves in danger, committing to get their hands dirty in order to protect and serve.

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Antimicrobial Plumbing Solutions

With the spread of COVID-19, many individuals and organizations are evaluating options for limiting the spread of pathogens and bacteria in their places of work, play, and residence. Because our team supplies and advises facilities across a range of industries, including healthcare facilities, we’re able to apply leading edge solutions from one industry to another. In this series, we’ll explore some of the standards and protocols implemented in the medical facilities we work with which may be applied in schools, office facilities, or residential buildings to reduce the spread of pathogens.

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Keeping Facilities Running Since 1980

Over the past 40 years, we’ve worked alongside partners in maintenance and procurement to keep their facilities running smoothly. Now, with leading-edge technology, we’re able to offer additional tools and resources to help you save money and minimize downtime. Read our blog about innovation and growth here at The Part Works for the full story.

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