Best Practices

Food Service Re-Opening

It’s not just flow rates: 4 other ways to promote sustainability and cleanliness in commercial restrooms and kitchens

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Backflow Prevention

You should have more than a bot or digital matrix that determines how to prevent or solve your backflow failure.

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Critical Kitchen Maintenance

Kitchens, like restrooms require flushing and checking each system. Ice machines can be a source for growing microbes if left to sit. Dried out floor drain traps can create odors. Janitorial closet faucets and service sinks need to be run and flushed as well.

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Critical Maintenance for Restrooms

Some of the biggest risk for transmission of infection is in the restrooms. A regular flow of users, touching the same handles on toilets, faucets, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and entry doors can spread infection. Touch points can be addressed with touch-less solutions, or antimicrobial treated handles and touch-less surfaces.

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Critical Maintenance Checklists

Every facility manager knows which systems are critical and must be operational at all times. Many facilities have established preventative maintenance schedules to keep critical systems running and plan for upcoming repairs and maintenance. But changing the basic operations of a building changes all of those plans. What happens if the building has been closed for an extended period?

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