Back To School: 2023

Fall 2023 is here!

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August 17, 2023 at 2:51:00 PM PDT August 17, 2023 at 2:51:00 PM PDTth, August 17, 2023 at 2:51:00 PM PDT

Back to School season is all about parents, students, and teachers. But the Facilities Maintenance teams have a crucial role in reopening school buildings for the commencement of classes in the fall. Properly maintained buildings are essential for creating a conducive learning environment. Our school facilities maintenance customers have the critical responsibility of reopening partially or fully closed school buildings after the summer months. This article presents a roundup of the common plumbing and mechanical inspections and repairs required.


1.   Inspections and Repairs:The first step is to identify the scope of work required. It is important to conduct comprehensive inspections of every school building, allowing you to identify, plan for, and resolve any maintenance or repair requirements that may have arisen during the summer break closure.


2.    Water Supply and Fixtures:To ensure a well-functioning water supply and fixtures, it is important to regularly check for any leaks and repair or replace any faulty faucets or flushometers. It is also essential to inspect all restroom fixtures and ensure that classroom bubblers and hand washing stations are working properly.

3.   Toilets and Urinals: Maintaining proper sanitation in restrooms requires repairing or replacing malfunctioning toilets and urinals.


4.   Partitions and Restroom Accessories: One of the most hard-wearing pieces of equipment in a restroom are the partitions. Constant slamming of doors can loosen fasteners on both the structure and the door itself. Other accessories such as coat hangers, hand dryers, and mirrors can be the target of inconsiderate usage or even vandalism.


5.   Drainage Systems: To avoid water backups and potential flooding problems, make sure to regularly inspect and unclog your drains. Additionally, consider adding mechanical or chemical seals to eliminate any unpleasant odors that may be coming from dry, smelly drains.


6.   HVAC Systems: Regular maintenance and inspection of HVAC systems is necessary to guarantee their optimal performance and adequate indoor ventilation.


7.   Air Filters: Replace air filters to enhance air quality and minimize the transmission of airborne particles, including potential viruses. It is essential to replace all air filters, particularly if there has been smoke or air quality concerns during the summer.


8.   Water Fountains: Test and clean water fountains regularly for improved hygiene. Alternatively, you can consider using touchless water bottle filling stations as an alternative option.


9.   Fire Sprinkler Systems: Ensure that the fire sprinkler systems are functioning properly and conduct any required maintenance or repairs.


10.   Emergency Eyewash and Shower Stations: To comply with safety regulations, it is crucial to ensure that the emergency eyewash and shower stations are in proper working condition. 


11.   Backflow Prevention Devices: To ensure that water contamination is prevented, it is necessary to inspect and test backflow prevention devices.


12. Boilers and Water Heaters: It is important to service and maintain boilers and water heaters regularly to ensure that they are providing sufficient hot water for the needs of the school.


13. Mechanical Equipment: To prevent any unexpected malfunctions during the academic year, it is important to inspect and maintain mechanical devices like pumps, motors, and fans.


14. Supplies and Inventory: To ensure a clean and safe campus, it's important to stock up on critical repair parts and essential supplies such as cleaning agents, personal protective equipment (PPE), and hygiene products.


The Part Works team can assist you by providing a list of essential stock items that you should keep on hand for your plumbing system.


Additionally, we can help you maintain appropriate levels of inventory as you use materials for preventative maintenance and repairs. Based on your building specifications, we recommend that your stock list should include the following items:


·      Flushometers for toilets, urinals, and common parts  

·      Gaskets and seals 

·      Toilet seats 

·      Urinal screens and odor control 

·      Lavatory faucets and common parts  

·      Supply lines 

·      Thermostatic mixing valve repair parts 

·      Drinking fountain filters, bubbler heads, and common parts 

·      Replacement drainage, including grid drains and p-traps 

·      Commercial kitchen pre-rinse faucets, spray heads, and common parts 

·      Service sink faucets and common parts 

·      Caulks 

·      Replacement filters 

·      Chemicals for odors and drain cleaning  


The Part Works team is available to assist you in stocking the appropriate parts for your building's specified fixtures and valves. We'll ensure that

your school facilities won't experience downtime due to a lack of a common repair part needed.


15. Upgrading Facilities: During the summer months, several customers focus on upgrading their facilities because buildings are mostly unoccupied. This approach helps in budgeting and planning major repairs in advance. It is crucial to plan ahead to guarantee the timely ordering of materials and scheduling of tasks to complete projects without any interruptions. Such projects usually comprise:


·      Replacing toilet or shower partitions 

·      Installing touchless fixtures such as faucets, flush valves, or drinking fountains 

·      Replacing outdated major mechanical equipment such as water heaters and pumps 


At The Part Works, our field staff is highly skilled at supporting your projects that involve identifying and sourcing the necessary materials such as valves, fixtures, and equipment. We offer guidance on selecting the appropriate quality or grade of materials to suit your specific needs, present options to help you achieve your system improvement goals and provide support for commercial quality manufacturers who will ensure the longevity of the materials. Our team is committed to providing you with estimated lead times and liaising with vendors to ensure the timely delivery of your project. We are available to collaborate with you on planning for upcoming projects during the December holiday, spring, or summer breaks.


Taking proactive steps toward plumbing and mechanical repairs can create a safer and more comfortable environment for students, staff, and visitors during the fall reopening of schools.