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American Made, Professional Grade

Klein Tools might be best known in the HVAC, Telecom, and Municipal industries, but commercial plumbers well regard its tools. These professional-grade tools have helped plumbers at every phase of a repair or installation. From transporting tools and equipment to the job site to assessing potential leaks in water and gases, opening walls, loosening joints, measuring repair placement distances, and lighting otherwise unlit workspaces, Klein Tools have helped get the job done.

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The Part Works & Chicago Faucets

After 42 years together, providing Chicago Faucets to the Pacific Northwest, The Part Works and Chicago Faucets are still aligned and working together to meet customers’ needs for commercial quality products. Today, Chicago Faucets continues to provide innovative products to every commercial facility specification.

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Announcing: Our Training Program

The Part Works, like so many, have watched several company legends retire over the past ten-plus years. People with multiple decades in plumbing, some with multiple decades at The Part Works. In response, we have taken intentional steps to bolster our knowledge base.

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Meet Our Portland Team!

We are now open in Portland and cannot wait to introduce our team! We have put together a short profile on our amazing Portland crew members Mike Davenport, Paige Casey, and Mike Meyer.

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We Are Expanding!

With our initial sales counter and a wide variety of plumbing supplies, The Part Works Portland store is set to advance the work of providing necessary repair parts for maintenance professionals in the immediate future.

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Facility Specifications

When facilities are planned, a tremendous amount of effort goes into designing the look, the feel, and the functionality of the space. There are the under the hood questions, such as “what sort of plumbing and electrical systems does this building need, over the potential 50+ year lifespan of the facility? How many people will use each space, and how many restrooms will be required? How high will we need to pump the water, in order to maintain pressure in upper floors? There are also the customer facing decisions, such as what type of flush valves, faucets, and partitions would best serve this specific audience? The answers to all of these questions become the standard building specifications.

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What type of Vandalism should you prepare for?

“how awful will this bathroom be?” It’s an important question to ask yourself as a customer. If this restroom is clean and functional, chances are you’ll make a point to stop here in the future. And maybe while you’re here you’ll buy a pack of gum and a gallon or 2 of gas, almost as a thank you to the station for taking such good care of the facility. This is called customer loyalty.

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Bariatric Healthcare Solutions

Bariatric is a clinical term describing the control and treatment of clinically overweight patients, covering a wide range of varying sizes and abilities. This medical branch typically applies to patients with a BMI of 40 or more.

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Washington State New Flow Regulations

With few exceptions, this new code went in to effect on January 1, 2021, requiring that products manufactured on or after January 1, 2021 that are sold, offered for sale, or installed in the State of Washington must comply, or face a potential $250 per day penalty.

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Contact us

Built in to the website itself. Need help finding the right part? Navigating the website? Building a Stockroom List? Tracking your orders? We can help you find what you need, directly on our website through Live Chat

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Stockroom List

Stockroom lists are typically a list of items that are regularly purchased, or they may be items for a specific project. They can be created by either our team here, or one of your team members.

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Digital Catalog

Two-Thirds of your maintenance costs are labor. We can help reduce that.

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Where's My Stuff

Using our robust order tracking tools at, you can check the status of your order by Order History, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Date, Amount, or Status. Simply click on your account in the top right corner, then click on Orders. Under Orders you will see your an option for your Order History, Returns, Items for Reorder, and Quotes.

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Welcome to The Part Works, we are here to help you find the right plumbing parts for your facility. Here on our website, you will find tools crafted to streamline that process.

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Meet our Inside Technical Specialists

Our team of inside technical specialists are uniquely important in creating those positive experiences, so we want to tell you a little bit more about who these wonderful people are.

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About Our Website: PartPro

Through your PartPro membership login: • View preferred pricing on items • Track quotes, orders and shipment tracking • Access your custom digital stockroom list.

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The University of Washington

Many times, we have helped to bridge the competing priorities of the budget-oriented procurement teams, with the building up-time oriented maintenance teams. Saving money is important for budget conscious facilities and we help our customers gain visibility into the full cost of repairs: for every $100 in maintenance materials cost, the average project requires between $235-$1,000 in labor. “By relying on The Part Works expertise, our customers save the cost of excessive wasted time researching hard to find parts, misidentifying parts, ordering (and returning) incorrect products, re-work due to poor quality off-brand replacements, long delivery delays, and other sourcing inefficiencies.”

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Kohler Commercial

The story gets interesting around 2012, when a surprise visitor showed up at our will call counter.

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Backflow Prevention

You should have more than a bot or digital matrix that determines how to prevent or solve your backflow failure.

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Critical Kitchen Maintenance

Kitchens, like restrooms require flushing and checking each system. Ice machines can be a source for growing microbes if left to sit. Dried out floor drain traps can create odors. Janitorial closet faucets and service sinks need to be run and flushed as well.

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