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Limit Your Liability While Maintaining Easy Access

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May 11, 2023 at 1:24:30 PM PDT May 11, 2023 at 1:24:30 PM PDTth, May 11, 2023 at 1:24:30 PM PDT


The Secret To Professional Looking ADA Compliance

Architects like to design commercial restrooms with exposed plumbing, which really benefits the maintenance team. Easily accessible pipes and valves facilitate faster repairs and, by extension, greater facility up-time.

What can be tricky is how to maintain the clean, professionally finished feel of a restroom, while also accommodating ADA requirements? We’ve all seen restrooms that look like they have mummy cloth wrapping over the p-traps, or foam wrapped in electrical tape over the hot water line. Even protective covers designed for the job are often either the wrong size or shape, leaving gaps or ugly edges, or are difficult to install.

Enter Plumberex. A specialty manufacturer that designs and manufactures 3 different ADA covers, for various installation scenarios. Plumberex calls them; Slim Fit Trap Gear, Pro-Extreme, and  Handy-Shield Maxx.

Starting with the Slim-Fit Trap Gear, Plumberex

has designed a smooth, elegant, custom fit vinyl sleeve, designed to protect wheelchair bound users from cuts, bruises and burns. It features a soft vinyl treated with UV Inhibiting, anti-fungal and anti-microbial effects. It is fusion molded, flexible, and secures in place with Super-Grip Velcro and Non-Abrasive Snap-Lock Fasteners, providing tamper resistance.

The second option is the molded vinyl Pro-Extreme. Like the Slim-Fit Trap Gear it’s anti fungal, and its Snap-Lock fastens allow for installation without disassembling the supply lines, stops and p-traps. It also includes a full rotation option and internal tear lines, making it fully customizable.

Finally, the most versatile, the Handy-Shield MaxxLike the Slim-Fit Trap Gear, the Handy-Shield Maxx is made from soft flexible vinyl, where it’s different is in its universal fit design. The Handy-Shield Maxx provides improved ADA added-reach insulation coverage that combines a longer neck area (for longer tail pieces) and a more forgiving girth area (for bulkier plastic DWV Schedule #40 Traps) providing the ability to fit longer, wider or shorter installs by simply trimming to size. Leveraging a Continuous Velcro Closure System and Tamper-Resistant Fasteners, the Handy-Shield Maxxprotects your users in almost limitless commercial restroom applications. But the Handy-Shield line also includes various forms of kitchen end outlet covers, waste disposal covers, 2” p-trap cover, bar sink offset cover, and now they have an all new thermostatic mixing valve cover.  It’s fair to say, Plumberex has your ADA needs (and your liability) covered.