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Klein Tools might be best known in the HVAC, Telecom, and Municipal industries, but commercial plumbers well regard its tools. These professional-grade tools have helped plumbers at every phase of a repair or installation. From transporting tools and equipment to the job site to assessing potential leaks in water and gases, opening walls, loosening joints, measuring repair placement distances, and lighting otherwise unlit workspaces, Klein Tools have helped get the job done.

For the professional plumber, let’s tour some of Klein’s greatest hits.


A tool bag is just a tool bag, right? Not really when it comes to Klein Tool bags. Take the Tradesman Pro Backpack, for instance. In a professional tool bag, you may expect the 39 pockets to keep all your tools organized, a full open top for easy access, the 1680D ballistic caliber nylon weave, or perhaps even the hard molded front pocket to protect your glasses. But did you expect a fully molded bottom to keep your tools clean and dry in some murky environment’s plumbers find themselves in?

Consider the stand-up zipper bags, designed to stay upright for easy tool access. No tipping over means the bag doesn’t spill its contents when you set it down, making it an excellent option for doodads and gizmos, extra washers and o-rings, or pipe tape and plumbers putty. Think of it like your kitchen junk drawer, to go!

Another favorite is the Tradesman Pro Lighted Tool bag. Built like a classic over-the-shoulder tool satchel, Klein takes things one step further by including a detachable work light. It’s these little details that separate Klein from the competition.

Cutting Tools

Jab saws, utility knives, duct knives, hacksaws, tube cutters, PVC pipe cutters, if you need to open a wall or cut a pipe to length, Klein Tools are the tools you want in your hand. The utility knife, for example, has a special notch cutout for stripping wire, making one less tool to carry around.

The hacksaw has a tension adjustment of up to 30,000 PSI which is perfect for precise cutting. Easy ability to tighten the hacksaw as it gets hot, keeps the tension high, and the blade stiff.

The large capacity ratcheting PVC cutter can handle up to 2.5” white and gray schedule 40 and 80 PVC with minimal effort.

Pipe Tools

Speaking of pipe tools, it’s not just the PVC cutters that Klein manufactures; it’s a whole smorgasbord of crescent wrenches, adjustable wrenches, ratchet wrenches, socket wrenches, quick adjust pliers, and drill bits.

There is even a 7-piece set of 6” nut drivers that Klein Tools has made magnetic with hollow shafts, to better facilitate tight spaces and long bolt applications. The magnet holds the bolt in place, while the hollow driver shaft "swallows" the long bolt, as you tighten the nut on.

Measuring Tools

The old saying goes that professionals measure twice and cut once. To that end, Klein Tools makes a 25’ magnetic tape measure with a double hook and the measurement markers displayed on both sides of the tape. One of the most unique tape measures, the magnet combined with the double hook, and a 13' standout makes it easy to measure distance without a helper

They also make a magnetic lighted level. This level comes with a magnet built into a groove on top, providing a unique way to secure the level while keeping your hands free. The level vials are LED lit for visibility in dark work areas.

Lighting Tools

While we already mentioned the detachable work light on the Tradesman Pro Lighted Tool bag, Klein has other ingenious illumination tools as well. There is a rechargeable focus flashlight with a laser. This flashlight comes with a strong magentic end cap for hands free operation. It also includes a red laser, making it easy to point out problem areas in tight spaces to your apprentice, partner or supervisor.

Or a combo-focused flashlight with a work light on the side. This flashlight has a glow ring for ease of finding in the dark, as well as a magnetic back for hands free operation.

Finally, a 400-lumen, all-day runtime, rechargeable headlamp that’s always pointed in the same direction your eyes are. Klein Tools made this headlamp next level by adding a light sensor that turns the lamp off when it's not needed, saving the battery life.

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