Megapro-A Plumbers Best Friend

Learn about Megapro’s experience at the NAPSD (North American Plumbing Specialty Distributors) show through the words of one of Megapro’s Business Development managers, Brittaney D.

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Editor’s Note: There are zero wise “cracks” about plumbers in this post…aside from the one just made. 

I recently returned from the NAPSD show in Austin, TX full of excitement about the plumbing industry! The reason? I discovered that Megapro is THE best screwdriver for plumbers!

This became obvious to me day one, when we learned Megapro Tools was the only tool company at the show (I mean, the best plumbers in the world deserve the best screwdrivers in the world…right?)

That may sound like a not-so humblebrag, but it really is just a reflection of what we heard at the show. We met so many people who were big fans of the Megapro brand with more than a few mentioning that they own multiple Megapro drivers (one of whom said she had a Megapro multi-bit driver on every floor of her house!)

Filled with a huge sense of pride, we began to spread the word so EVERYONE at the show would know what Megapro drivers could do for them!


Our 15-in-1 Original Multi-bit Screwdriver is typically the starting point when introducing customers to Megapro, because it carries a bit load that works for 90% of jobs and features the whole Megapro Advantage, which is really what makes our drivers special.

I found myself, however, surprised at the interest that the rest of the Megapro product line generated and many people we spoke with ended up highlighting the benefits these additional products would have in the plumbing industry.



The biggest surprise was how popular the 15-in-1 Megapro Hex Screwdriver was among Plumbing professionals. I’m talking many sets of eyes completely lighting up when they saw the assortment of Hex bit tips in our "magical” retractable cartridge.

It turns out many plumbers encounter hex fasteners on a regular basis, and usually have a set of Allen Keys that they need, but don’t really enjoy using. I know that Hex Keys can be a pain to use at the best of times, so talking about the comfort and functionality of a Megapro driver instead was an exciting treat to share with show attendees. 



In addition to the Original and the Hex, there were several other Megapro drivers we showed that offered unique solutions to challenges plumbers face in their day-to-day work. The 24-in-1 Multi-bit Precision Screwdriver was popular due to its assorted sizes of micro-hex bits – perfect for inset screws in faucets.

The security bits in our 15-in-1 Tamperproof Screwdriver were a revelation to many who stopped by our booth because those in the plumbing world come face to face with security fasteners across many different applications.

The 15-in-1 ShaftLOK™ Locking Screwdriver and its two extension lengths (6” and 10”, which can be combined for even greater reach) excited a lot of individuals we spoke with. They detailed the cramped conditions they frequently work in which require a tool that can reach where they need it to go.

Last but certainly not least, the Stainless-Steel 15-in-1 Screwdriver with rust-resistant bits was a fan favorite due to its moisture-resistant shaft and ENP* bits (as if it were a secret that plumbers work around water!)




The reception we had at the NAPSD show was amazing. My team and I are extremely grateful for everything we learned about the plumbing industry and how Megapro really can be the perfect screwdriver for plumbers. And on a personal level, it was great to be around a group of close-knit professionals who share information and collaborate for the benefit of all those they do work for.

This is something we admire as a company and aspire to ourselves… because helping you get the job done is why we do what we do. It was a pleasure meeting some fantastic people who really left an impression on us, and I can’t wait to go back next year!  

*Electroless nickel plated (obvious, right?)

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