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Tank System, 1.6 GPF for All Two-Piece OEMs Except Kohler K4404 Gerber 28-385 Tanks, Flushmate
SKU: 3234883
Mfr Part No: M101526F31

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Tank System, 1.6 GPF for Two-Piece Kohler K4404, Flushmate
SKU: 3234885
Mfr Part No: M101526F32

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Tank System, 1.6 GPF for Two-Piece Gerber 28-385 Tank, Flushmate
SKU: 40211565
Mfr Part No: M101526F33

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Tank System, 1.6 GPF Replaces Series 501-B for Two-Piece Toilet Tank with Center Push Button
SKU: 114545
Mfr Part No: M101526F3B

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Tank System, 1.0 GPF for Two-Piece Vortens/Lamosa 3468, Flushmate
SKU: 114549
Mfr Part No: M101526F41

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Tank System, 1.0 GPF for Two-Piece Kohler K4484, Flushmate
SKU: 114551
Mfr Part No: M101526F43

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Tank System for One-Piece Gerber 21-012, Flushmate
SKU: 114552
Mfr Part No: M102540F3

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Tank System for One-Piece American Standard 2045.013, Flushmate
SKU: 3234888
Mfr Part No: M102540F3A

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Tank System for One-Piece Kohler K-3597 with Serial Number XXXXXX-FC1-XXXX, and XXXXXX-FC2-XXXX
SKU: 114553
Mfr Part No: M102540FC

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