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Procurement Guide to Ordering Plumbing Parts

We know that when you’re procuring supplies for your facility’s specific plumbing or maintenance needs, it’s about more than just finding the right part. Our customers rely on The Part Works for our short lead time, quick delivery, competitive pricing, and trusted sales team. Below we’ve shared best practices and insight from our procurement customers across the Northwest to help you save money and time.  

Fast Turnaround  

When you need a part yesterday, it simply doesn’t make sense to wait a week or more for it to arrive. For many of our clients, delivery speed is their most critical factor when making the decision to do business with The Part Works. 

“I thought to myself, how in heavens name is he able to get the product here so fast?” U.S. Military Customer reflected on The Part Works turnaround time. “Your salesman is doing way over just a good job. When he says something is going to happen, he does it.”

At The Part Works, we guarantee delivery of your specialty part in 1 day within Washington State, within 1 day from Portland to Eugene, and within 2 days in the rest of Oregon or Idaho.  With expertise in shipping delicate and large items, we also ensure that parts will arrive to your facility undamaged.

“The Part Works respects my time and exceeds my service level expectations,” one of our government customers shared with us this Fall. 

“They’ve saved us the heartache of worrying about broken toilets anymore, unlike with deliveries from [other competitors].”   


Competitive Pricing  

Particularly for our public clients, who steward funds to maintain schools, hospitals, and military facilities, there is a high demand for competitive prices.  

“Pricing is critical because we have to be good stewards of government funds,” one of our military customers reflected.  


At The Part Works, we don’t just provide the best value for your parts order, we provide expertise to ensure that you’re getting the right part the first time. As one U.S. Military customer told us, “If procurement doesn’t know what something is or if we have a job that is being worked on, The Part Works helps us to identify all that is needed or suggest a different and better option to get the results we want. It’s worked for us.” 


While many of our customers work directly with their salesperson to identify the right parts for their project, we also provide a Text-a-Tech service, through which you can text a picture of the installation to our team, who will identify the correct part from our Seattle-based inventory. You can text our techs anytime at 206.900.9093.  


“Our main thing is getting the right part to get us up and running,” a government customer shared. “If I have something weird, I trust in The Part Works. I trust that Chris and Margaret will take care of me.”  


Seamlessly Connecting Your Facilities and Procurement Teams 

For many of the institutions we work with, there are separate individuals or teams responsible for making maintenance repairs than for ordering replacement parts. That’s where The Part Works comes in, serving as an extension of your team to identify the parts needed with your facilities team, and provide easy ordering and invoice management with your procurement team.  


“If I could clone Margaret I would!” a government customer recently shared with us. “Never had someone who is so easy to work with. Whether it is correct pricing, getting an ETA, or anything, I get back from her same day vs. days, weeks or months. She is a straight shooter and doesn’t sugar coat.” 


We work closely with your team to ensure a seamless process, whether it’s partnering with your maintenance team on a specific repair or working with your estimators to budget for an upcoming major project.  

“The communication has helped a lot. When I first started, I didn’t understand the plumbing terminology and HVAC stuff, you guys always had the right answer,” a Washington State military customer shared with us. “The customer services was helpful. If there is an error on our end, you help us to get resolved quickly.”

Ease of Purchasing  

To ensure ease and speed of ordering, The Part Works has a UBI/Tax ID and is registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) and in state procurement systems in Washington and Oregon. This makes it easy for public institutions to quickly set up The Part Works as a contracted supplier for your maintenance or planned projects.  

Contact Cylisa Brown, Director of Sales and Business Development at The Part Works today to begin supplier registration, verification of EIN, payment enrollment, and any onboarding for your institution’s buying platform. Cylisa can be reached by phone at 206.438.8540, or by email at 

 “Being registered as a vendor [in our government system] makes it easier for us to purchase,” one of our Washington State military customers shared, “and it also satisfies government requirements.”  


Many public agencies and institutions also have an established commitment to diversity of suppliers and are glad to know that The Part Works is a Certified Women-Owned Small Business and a State WBE.


If you have an RFP you’d like The Part Works to respond to, please send it to Cylisa at, who will provide all of the necessary information including support capabilities, pricing discounts, and terms structure for the benefit of your facility.  


“The benefit for procurement is that we have demonstrated through years of experience and our expertise that we can satisfy their vendor requirements,” Cylisa commented. “This makes purchasing and the internal process easier for everyone!” 


Vendor-Maintained Inventory  

If you’re looking for ways to minimize downtime, or tired of ordering parts that you already have but can’t find because they weren’t stored correctly, many of our customers leverage The Part Work’s on-site consultants and stock management to ensure that their facilities always have the right part on hand when they need it.  

You can call 1-800-336-8900 to talk with one of our expert sales reps about the services you need for your facility today. Whether it’s managed inventory, parts identification, or connecting purchasing departments with online tools, we’re here to support you with a range of valuable services and solutions.

Our team considers each bin of vendor-maintained inventory as a reflection of our company, from our shelf to yours. Therefore, you can expect an attention to detail, the right parts in hand for your system when and where you need them, and availability by phone or text to ask questions.

Shopping on the online store  

In addition to our on-site sales team, The Part Works also supports a virtual stockroom for customers who prefer to visit our online store to find the parts they need. Getting your virtual stockroom set up is easy, and can be done by calling 1-800-336-8900 to speak with one of our team members today. We take care of all the logistics, from identifying the most frequently used stock items from your facility, reviewing your purchase history to verify the range of products that are still in use, and loading relevant supplies into your account for easy access.  


Once your virtual stockroom is set up, we’ll walk you through the website to show how you can create future lists of your own.  


“Customers love this feature as it allows them to keep all their parts information in one place,” Cylisa shared. “It saves them a ton of time and empowers them to create more lists as needed.”  


Invite The Part Works to Present to your Team  

Interested in hearing from The Part Works in-person to discuss how best we can support your team and facilities? Contact Cylisa at 206.438.8540 or today to schedule a time for her to meet with your team to explore ways for you to save money and minimize downtime.