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What type of Vandalism should you prepare for?

“how awful will this bathroom be?” It’s an important question to ask yourself as a customer. If this restroom is clean and functional, chances are you’ll make a point to stop here in the future. And maybe while you’re here you’ll buy a pack of gum and a gallon or 2 of gas, almost as a thank you to the station for taking such good care of the facility. This is called customer loyalty.

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Welcome to The Part Works, we are here to help you find the right plumbing parts for your facility. Here on our website, you will find tools crafted to streamline that process.

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Food Service Re-Opening

It’s not just flow rates: 4 other ways to promote sustainability and cleanliness in commercial restrooms and kitchens

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Kohler Commercial

The story gets interesting around 2012, when a surprise visitor showed up at our will call counter.

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Developing an Action Plan for Lead-Free Drinking Water at your Facility

While the school year is beginning to wind down, many of the facilities we partner with across Washington and Oregon are ramping up efforts to ensure clean and safe drinking water for their students. Check out this month’s blog for helpful insight and tips to help your facility develop an Action Plan for lead-free drinking water.

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