We Are Expanding!

The Part Works is opening our Portland branch in early May 2022!

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March 16, 2022 at 1:38:09 PM PDT March 16, 2022 at 1:38:09 PM PDTth, March 16, 2022 at 1:38:09 PM PDT

Announcing The Part Works new store in Portland, Oregon

The Part Works, Inc. is delighted to announce our new location in the heart of Portland, Oregon. We are planning an early May 2022 opening and look forward to serving our facilities maintenance and plumbing contractors in person.

"Our Portland customers have asked for local inventory and live support, and we’re delivering," says Katie Parris, President at The Part Works. "We know that our Seattle branch location brings a unique value of technical expertise and depth in product inventory that anchors our local services for plumbers and maintenance professionals. We are delighted to extend this level of service to our Portland customers as well."

With our initial sales counter and a wide variety of plumbing supplies, The Part Works Portland store is set to advance the work of providing necessary repair parts for maintenance professionals in the immediate future.

Directly after opening, work will begin on an expansion to our Portland store, including building out a large training center designed for in-person events with manufacturers, training events, new product showcase and demonstrations, and hosting industry events. Additionally, a large, well-stocked showroom demonstrating the broad range of product lines that The Part Works supplies, as well as an advanced customer research kiosk will be built. Our goal is to provide our customers with more than simply the products. We want to supply the knowledge required to properly support the products and critical facility systems that we help our customers maintain.

According to Portland Branch Manager, Mike Davenport

"Facilities are trending towards reduced maintenance teams, combined with the ongoing labor shortage in skilled trades nationally and the continuing retirement of baby boomers with the facility knowledge; our live human support is even more valuable to our customers. As our competitors reduce their field sales and replace customer facing people with chat bots, it opens an opportunity for us. Here’s a great blog post on our field sales team; this gives a good flavor of our real human-driven company (no robots here): https://www.thepartworks.com/blog/meet-our-sales-team"

Mike Meyer, our Portland based field sales rep had this to say when asked about a brick-and-mortar store in Portland,

"The Part Works has been partnering with schools, hospitals, government, and businesses in Portland for years. Our customers trust our deeply knowledgeable plumbing support, but sometimes they just need their product RIGHT NOW, and shipping from Seattle isn’t an option. The time is right for us to establish a local presence."

The Part Works mixes the convenience of a local storefront with the value of live, in-person training, and research resources. Add in our expansive plumbing repair knowledge, and the Portland branch becomes a truly unique destination for plumbing maintenance professionals throughout the region.

Stay tuned for more details as we build toward opening day; subscribe to the Portland Branch channel by clicking Here.