Training and Service with T&S Brass:

Probably not what T&S stands for, but it should be

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October 10, 2022 at 4:57:37 AM PDT October 10, 2022 at 4:57:37 AM PDTth, October 10, 2022 at 4:57:37 AM PDT

Founded in 1947, T&S Brass and Bronze Works has been manufacturing faucets, fittings, and specialty plumbing products for the food service, industrial, laboratory, and commercial plumbing markets for the past 75 years.

While T&S Brass is best known for making well-built, interchangeable, and reliable products, it is the commitment to training and service that really set them apart. The Part Works and T&S Brass are deeply aligned on these two fundamentals. It’s a big part of why we are believers in the T&S products. 


Starting on the service side, T&S Brass does several things that are traditionally recognized as customer service, and a few extras you might not normally think of. 

1. 24-Hour Quick Ship: Plumbing systems are critical systems in nearly every application. Easily overlooked when it's working properly, plumbing systems are immediately felt when broken. In response, T&S Brass has a 24-hour quick ship service, call in your order before noon for same day processing and fast turnaround. Combined with their state-of-the-art call center and knowledgeable staff, T&S has some of the fastest response and fulfillment times in the industry. This can be a real game changer for their distribution partners like The Part Works, shortening the supply chain allows us to support our customers faster. 

2. Product Initial Quality: T&S has a stated commitment to meeting or exceeding national quality standards by 3 to 6 times. They do this by employing heavier commercial-grade castings, combined with 5 inspection stations and both air and water testing every single product. This isn’t a random sampling test or inspection, every product gets inspected and tested coming off of the line. In this way, T&S was one of the first commercial plumbing manufacturers to be registered ISO 9001:2015, the most stringent certification that a corporation can receive.

3. Interchangeable Parts: T&S designs their products to be modular, and interchangeable. If you wanted to add an UltraRinse or a PreRinse to your kitchen faucet, it is compatible with all T&S manual faucets, and pre-rinse unites with a swivel outlet body. For a commercial kitchen the ability to scale the functionality of a single faucet from simply a filler, to a delicate rinse station for fresh fruits, and vegetables, as well as a heavy duty pre-rinse station for dirty dishes makes a small kitchen more adaptable. This allows customers to grow much more cost effectively than a remodel, or a full faucet unit replacement, all thanks to the interchangeable designs at T&S Brass.

4. Assisting Customer Engineering: Between the more than 10,000 interchangeable parts and customer access to the in-house T&S engineering team, T&S Brass offers a unique level of customization. Add in US-based manufacturing, and modifications that require unique features are possible.

5. Sustainability: Committed to sustainability, T&S Brass was pioneering low-flow faucets and fittings before it was trendy. They’ve also long been recycling including collecting the metal shavings at their plants. And they have even built their own mini solar farm to support their energy needs. But the largest sustainable feature is in manufacturing products that are made to last, and be repaired and rebuilt rather than trashed and replaced on a regular frequency.  


1. TSU: T&S hosts its own customer training course, which they call T&S University (TSU). TSU requires customer verification including a login and password and is only available to customers. They also have a dedicated training building in their South Carolina headquarters

2. Video: Between the [Quick Hits] videos on the T&S website, and the extensive library of videos on YouTube, customers have access to a good deal of self-directed learning, mostly around T&S innovations. 

3. The Part Works: Like T&S Brass, The Part Works is committed to training. Included in our Portland Live Learning Lab series is our October 2022 T&S Brass class with Eric Isenbarger. We believe it’s important for our factory representative to share best practices, tips, and tricks, general product knowledge directly with our customers. Equally, to give our customers a chance to ask questions and to share real world challenges back to the factory. It’s what we do, bridging the relationship between the manufacturers and the crews that support and maintain their products in facilities. The Part Works provides the product, the knowledge, and the customer service. Working with great partners like T&S Brass makes our job easier.