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April 10, 2020 4:17:00 PM PDT April 10, 2020 4:17:00 PM PDTth, April 10, 2020 4:17:00 PM PDT

Healthcare presents unique challenges when it comes to maintaining extremely high levels of sanitation within a complex environment. To meet this challenge, we partner with specialty manufacturers to create customizable solutions for the specific needs in your facility.

Patient Care Units

A flexible option for sanitary hygiene in patient rooms is the Patient Care Unit. These combination units can be free standing or built into a cabinet. Each unit can contain a fixed or pivoting toilet, bed pan washer, faucet and wash sink. There are many ways to customize these to meet space limitations and other specifications or requirements. Manufacturers make a variety of options and finishes. Pictured are some of the configurations from various manufacturers.

Infection Control Scrub Sinks

Specialized scrub sinks for healthcare are designed to minimize splashing by using a deeper bowl, and reduce the potential for transferring microbes with an offset drain so that water doesn't bounce off the drain onto the hand-washer. Pictured are some examples of units that can be configured and sized to meet your requirements.

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