Backflow Prevention

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February 25, 2021 7:15:00 AM PST February 25, 2021 7:15:00 AM PSTth, February 25, 2021 7:15:00 AM PST

Backflow prevention means safety and security

Ensuring safe operation and performance of your institutional infrastructure underpins all the work you do. Whether you work at a regional hospital, local school district, an entertainment venue, or in support of technical staff, the work you perform day in and day out contributes to a healthy society. It makes perfect sense to spend some time figuring out your strategies for backflow prevention, because backflow prevention is foundational to providing clean water to your facility. 

Anyone can sell you parts, and they do. But having onsite technical sales consultants well connected to all regional and national resources and facilities, with many years of combined experience, makes The Part Works stand head and shoulders above the rest. You should have more than a bot or digital matrix that determines how to prevent or solve your backflow failure. Instead, our subject matter experts and salespeople listen to you, and give you cost-effective solutions that make sense. 

The Sum of the Parts

With an average tenure of 14 years, our extensively trained sales team understands backflow prevention in a huge variety of situations and systems & we’ll work to understand yours.

Got a broken valve or questionable installation? Text us a photo—we’ll help you troubleshoot and find the right replacement in our extensive catalog.

Leverage our expertise with your team. Schedule our in-house, Backflow and Cross Connection Prevention demonstration.

Use our wet lab to train for your annual backflow certification. We can also handle calibration for your testing equipment.

Get the right parts, and on time, with our next-day Pacific North West shipping. 

Real, Human Experts

Doug McKinney, one of our Technical Sales Consultant, boasts more than 45 years in the industry, from on-the-road repair to instructing emergency classes for schools, to in-house analyst. He quickly recognizes what customers need, so you can take advantage of The Part Works modern ordering system. Send in photos to rapidly identify the failed part or problem, and The Part Works takes care of the rest. Doug says, “We’re a master distributor, and we can illustrate the entire breakdown of all valve parts, plus we stock Backflow repair kits where others don’t.”

Lab & Consulting

Don’t forget, The Part Works makes its own wetlab available to your technicians for practicing before taking the backflow exam or going out to test less familiar applications. We provide an environment that guarantees the reliability and integrity of individuals who strive to become professional certified backflow technicians. 

The Part Works can also facilitate the annual calibrations of your backflow testing equipment. We have partnered with a factory-certified calibration company that not only calibrates and certifies the calibration, they also provide general maintenance and repairs, such as replacing filters and hoses.

Back to Backflow

If backflow prevention hasn’t impressed you as a real issue that can have catastrophic consequences, Larry points to the problems in Flint, Michigan, some of which stemmed from a failure to install and maintain cross-connection prevention systems. 

Clearly, regulations should prevent contaminations between a municipality’s clean water supply network and dirty water, but failures and vacuum pressure mishaps inevitably occur, especially if systems have no backflow prevention in place. Commercial buildings of all types, offices, retail centers, industrial facilities with toxic effluents—all pose huge risks if backflow assemblies are not properly tested and maintained, and backflow technicians effectively trained, tested and certified according to best practices and legal requirements.

For backflow prevention strategies and more, our local inventory and personal support provides enormous assurance. Especially since failed systems have a 48-hour window to repair, test, and replace parts before the utility shuts off the water.

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